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Citi Mini-Program

Citi Mini-Program is a E-Commerce marketplace for small and median local merchants. They can open a online store in Wechat App.  

Wechat Marketing Tools

We provide an overall solution for your marketing needs, to expand your business in Chinese community across North America, from data collection to promotion. 


Wechat Marketing

From Wechat Moment ads, content marketing, QR code, H5 campaign, to Mini-program ads, we will design a comprehensive marketing strategy for your business and budget.  

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Because We are the first and best Wechat marketing tools providers. 

We had developed over 3 Wechat marketing tools, for data collections, promotions, events and invitations. We also hold over 190 Wechat marketing Campaigns.

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Frequently asked questions

WeChat is, at its core, a messaging app, but that is really only a fraction of what the service can do. If also offers more traditional social networking functions like video and picture sharing, games, stickers, and the ability to share and connect with friends through WeChat Moments.

More Precisely, is a Chinese multi-purpose messaging, social media and mobile payment app developed by Tencent. It was first released in 2011, and by 2018 it was one of the world’s largest standalone mobile apps by monthly active users, with over 1 billion monthly active users (902 million daily active users).Described as one of the world’s most powerful apps by Forbes, it is also known as China’s “app for everything” and a “super app” because of its wide range of functions and platforms.

With over 1 billion monthly active users it’s China’s most popular app.

Wechat is the one of the most important Apps in Chinese Community. Wechat marketing is an overall marketing strategy building up on Wechat. 

Wechat offers four kinds of accounts for business and marketers: subscription accounts, service accounts, enterprise accounts and mini-programs.

Subscription accounts: allowing push content and notification updates for subscribed followers displayed in the subscription area, allow one broadcast message per day to subscribers; messages appear in the subscription accounts folder.

Service accounts: companies and organizations can create their own applications based on WeChat APIs. Users can see the information when viewing their messaging page. Allow up to four broadcast messages per month; messages appear in the friend session list. Verified accounts have access to nine advanced APIs and can apply for WeChat Pay.

Mini-Program: In 2017, WeChat launched a feature called “Mini Programs”.Business owners can create mini apps in the WeChat system, implemented using Javascript plus a proprietary API. Users may install these inside the WeChat app. In January 2018, WeChat announced a record of 580,000 mini-programs.With one Mini Program, consumers could scan the Quick Response code using their mobile phone at a supermarket counter and pay the bill through the user’s WeChat mobile wallet. WeChat Games have received huge popularity, with its “Jump Jump” game attracting 400 million players in less than 3 days and attaining 100 million daily active users in just two weeks after its launch, as of January 2018.

Enterprise accounts: Offer messaging and business tools but are only available in Mainland China.

WeChat Moments ads

These are advertisements that are displayed in user’s Moments. WeChat Moments Ads can include a brand name, profile, short description, a maximum of 6 pictures (or a 6- to 15-second short video), and a link to a webpage hosted on Tencent’s server. Moments ads are like regular Moments post but with a sponsored tag. Users can interact with the ads: they can like and comment on the post. The price of WeChat Moment advertisement depends on where and when this ad will be displayed. 

Red Pokets (Hongbao)

We are the only one company in North America can provide a such campaign. This feature is based on the tradition of China giving red envelopes (usually cash) for special occasions and festivals. In WeChat, a person can send [red envelope]s to others or a group. The maximum amount of a red envelope is 200 RMB. IF a person want to send the [red envelop]s to a group, this person can set how many people can get the red envelope, and the system will allocate the amount freely when other people choose to get the cash. A number of Chinese companies use this feature to randomly select one or more followers to send them bonuses through the WeChat lucky dip system. This amount will be stored in the follower’s WeChat wallet and can be transferred to the bank. This is used by the company as a reward for following and sharing posts.

Content marketing

Connecting with WeChat’s huge customer base could be the determining factor to turn users from prospect into customers by leaving a lasting impression about brands and by sending content to educate the users.

Geo-localized marketing services

Geo-location service is one of the functions of WeChat for digital marketing. WeChat will promote associated ads based on the user’s location and preferences.One of the most crucial areas in this regard is retail, where consumers can get limited version discounts in retail stores in different regions. WeChat offers a revolutionary ‘bridge’ for linking digital marketing and physical activities (such as retail, sells promotion).

QR Code

QR code marketing has been widespread in China. Setting up a QR code on physical materials (such as poster) can increase traffic, and it can also be cross-promoted across different social media and forums. WeChat has used its strengths to develop a systematic marketing platform around QR code. Users can scan QR codes to add each other as friends, or can used to link users to the official product teams for certain brands. WeChat QR code provides a way for the offline physical product to link to the digital market. In China, digital marketing around QR code is an environmental feature of some international cities, such as Guangzhou, Shanghai and Beijing.


We provide all kinds of Marketing Tools to satisfy companies needs, from data collection to promotion and so on. 

Depending on the instant messages, free video calls, group chats, information sharing on WeChat Moments and almost 1 billion users, WeChat attracts many companies and self-employed persons.

In order to expand business, it requires companies to take different tools. For example, to collect data, companies is required to take a survey. To promote business, companies is required to distribute coupons or gift cards.


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